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What We Do

Stepdown is a young and progressive charity established to provide care and support services for children, young people and families. Our services include:


    • Residential Living – The Cottages

    • Foster, Respite and Supported Care

  • Intensive Community Support

Overview of Our Services

Stepdown aims to help young people fulfil their potential by delivering high quality care and support through residential cottages, carer services and intensive community support services. Stepdown will also provide intensive throughcare and after care services for young people through a range of specialist services in young people’s homes; with foster, respite or supported carers; in other community based accommodation and in various training and employment environments.


    • The young person is at the heart of what we do, we aim to work in such ways that enable each young person to benefit from.


    • We will tailor and build services around the needs of each young person.


    • We will work collaboratively with others to ensure that the young person receives the best.


    • We constantly seek to innovate in order to improve.


    • We acknowledge what we do carries risk, we take all reasonable steps to minimise risk, but we also acknowledge change only happens when new things are attempted.


    • We will be open and transparent in what and why we do things, keeping in mind the confidentiality of the young person.


    • We will only be effective where we have trust, we therefore will be honest and consistent, we will explain what we do and why, and we will always be there for the young person.


    • We will offer good value for our customers and we will demonstrate value.


    • We will have high expectations of each young person.


    • We are driven by seeing how each service can help them achieve their full potential.


  • We will only deliver services when we think we can make a positive difference, if we are unable to provide a quality of care we will say so.