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Cottages Placement

Some young people leaving care (secure care/residential care/foster care) will need support to assist them to move on to independence, prepare for a permanent care placement or help them further prepare to return home.

These Cottages are settings where young people will live full-time for a period of transition and receive intensive support in order to prepare and support young people to move on.

Not all young people will require this assistance, however, for some young people the Cottage setting is a very positive assistance to successfully progressing and moving on.

Each placement will be tailored to meet the needs of each young person.

Stepdown will support young people:

  • From secure/residential/foster care
  • Into a Cottage placement
  • Onto their more permanent placement
  • From secure/residential/foster care
  • Into their own Tenancies

Cottage Locations

If you would like to discuss a placement please contact:

Myra Callaghan: myra.callaghan@stepdown.org.uk or

Greg Gallagher: greg.gallagher@stepdown.org.uk

Or alternatively telephone: 0141-762-4523