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Work With Us

Stepdown is always interested in recruiting carers and engaging quality staffing.

At present we are recruiting in the following areas:

  • Support Workers
  • Foster Carers & Supported Carers

Support Workers

Stepdown is always interested in employing quality staff as Support Workers and Social Workers. To that end, we hold, on file, applications, with the agreement of the applicant, which we consider appropriate when we require to recruit. If you would wish to make an application to be held on file, please complete the Staff Application Form and return it to us. We would be happy to receive your application by e-mail.

For further information on becoming a member of our staff team please contact:

Myra Callaghan: myra.callaghan@stepdown.org.uk or tel: 0141 762 4523


Foster, Respite or Supported Carer

Have a chat with one of our workers they will talk to you about what different carers do and if you are interested one of them will visit you. All of our Carers go through a preparation and assessment procedure and once they have been approved they receive ongoing support and training from Stepdown.

For further information on becoming a carer please contact:

Karen Rinaldi: Karen.rinaldi@stepdown.org.uk or tel: 0141 762 4523


Other Vacancies

At present Stepdown have the no other vacancies